Birthplace/Residence: Pottsville, PA


Years competing: Since birth!

Jeremy Slifko has been working on Eradicator since he was five years old. As the official crew chief for the truck, Jeremy is one of the youngest and most experienced crewmen in the business. When the first Eradicator (now team truck Backdraft) chassis came to the shop, he and his father built it from the ground up. With so much happening at a show, Jeremy keeps everything on the Eradicator team functioning smoothly.


Its not easy, but its not hard either. Most of the shows are pretty routine. Its a lot different than most people think, says Jeremy of life on the monster truck tour. Monster trucks require constant maintenance, and Jeremy juggles school and shop work, taking care of the truck on the weekends at shows.


We work on the truck seven days a week, whether we have a show or not, Jeremy says.


Jeremy became a full-time driver for the 2009 season and did so well he was voted Monster Jam's 2009 Rookie of the Year. With a hot new fire truck concept body, Jeremy has become quite popular at the pit parties and backs his performances up on the track.

 With unlimited potential both working on the truck and driving it, father and son will be involved in monster trucks for a long time to come.


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